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ensuring compliance with standards, anti-corruption policy, whistleblowing mechanisms, transparency policy and cooperation rules, anti-discrimination procedures, instructions in case of events involving public authorities (e. g. dawn raid).


personal data processing,  information clauses, privacy policy, marketing consents,  personal data breach, risk analysis, register of processing activities,  Data Protection Officer, guarantees of independence, security policy, data controller, sensitive data, entrusting the processing, data transfer,  standard contractual clauses, monitoring

Corporate Governance / Company Law

regulations, orders, audits, resolutions, shareholders meeting, company formation, transformation, merger, division and liquidation, internal rules; disputes between partners; employee and public companies board members motivation plans (management stock options)

Labour Law

collective disputes, trade unions, individual labor law, human reources, leave, telework, working abroad, restructuring, layoffs, labor regulations, work-sharing, work time, employee’s output, bullying, personal information, employment of foreigners, business travel, abandonment of work, promotion, task work time, maternity leave, collective agreements, litigation, intellectual property, bonuses and commissions, copyright, work safety

Energy Law

connection contracts, easements, investment management, negotiations, distribution, sale, transmission of energy, renewable energy, unconventional energy, electricity and natural gas for retail customers, pipelines and transportation of energy


mergers, acquisitions, public procurement, utilities, restructure

Medical Law

hospitals, public health, clinical research, pharmaceutical, hospital mergers, public procurement


railway law, transport law, CMR, CIF, Incoterms, logistics, procurement, claims, automotive

Copyright and Intellectual Property

licenses, copyrights, know-how, patents, contracts IT, protection of intellectual property rights, new technology law, trademark, trade policies, industrial designs, inventions, utility models, registration, unfair competition, industrial property law, copyright transfer, transfer of industrial property rights, contract implementation

Litigation and arbitration

lawsuits, complaints, appeals, cassation complaints, arbitration, the statement of defense, representation of parties

Business insurance

redress, insurance service


compensation, pension, medical expenses, representation before court

Debt collection

debt collection, protection against execution

Advertising Law / IT Services / New technologies

ontracts, dispute solution, licenses, copyright, patents, start-ups

Construction / Real Estate

investment service, construction documentation, FIDIC, risk management financing of construction projects, developers, designer’s, contractors, contracts, construction permit, real estate

Bankruptcy and restructuring

the analysis of bankruptcy risk, arrangement in bankruptcy proceeding, postponement of obligations, rescheduling of debts in installments, reduction of total debt, debt-for-shares, the liquidation of the bankrupt’s assets, inventories, estimation of bankruptcy, liquidation plans; resolution proceedings, in creditor agreements

Public Procurement Law

appeals, protests, the National Appeal Chamber, the Terms of Reference, to facilitate SME Innovation Partnership, exclusion from the procedure, electronic documentation (JEDZ), deposits

White collar crimes

crimes against creditors; obstruction of redress; unreliable record keeping; breach of trust; bribery executive; illegal assets deriving from economic entities; creative accounting; sham transactions; transactions using illegally obtained information